Where are the women in computer science? 3 local professionals weigh in

Lolly BowlerNews

Women earn 57 percent of undergraduate degrees, but only 18 percent of degrees in computer and information sciences, according to the National Center for Women and Information Technology (NCWIT). This trend starts before college where girls comprise 56 percent of Advanced Placement (AP) test takers, but only 19 percent of computer science AP test takers. In the workforce, this discrepancy … Read More

STEM Action Center-Funded Math Digital Learning Software Increases Student Proficiency

Kaitlin FelstedNews

STEM Action Center-Funded Math Digital Learning Software Increases Student Proficiency SALT LAKE CITY (Dec. 7, 2016)—Students across the state using math digital learning programs available through Utah STEM Action Center grants had a greater level of success on the 2016 SAGE assessment than similar students without access to the learning tools. The STEM Action Center worked with school district administrators … Read More

Provo Elementary Students Problem-Solving Robot Art to be Translated into Murals

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Solving world problems is a difficult task often assigned to politicians, activists and experts. But Elicia Gray, an art specialist at Lakeview Elementary in Provo, asked her students to find a problem they saw in their lives or in the world and create a robot to solve it. “There (were issues) like loneliness and one that was a house bot … Read More

Canyon Creek Elementary Uses Skype to Chat With Kids Across the Country

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FARMINGTON — Initially, the questions were broad. “Do you live in the northern region of the United States?” “Do you live near water?” As the Skype session continued, Heidi Wallis’s class of sixth grade students asked more pointed questions to find out where the students on the computer screen were in real life. When Ellie Duncan noticed they were wearing … Read More