About Utah: ‘They’ve been able to see something they haven’t seen before’

Lolly BowlerMaking the Grade: Utah works to improve its marks in STEM education Utah Business May 8, 2018News

OREM — Three years ago, when they were 12 years old and just out of elementary school, three Navajo kids, Jadan Lacy, Shakira Cervantes and Quiana Dishface, had a decision to make:

Should they stay home on the reservation for the summer or should they spend it in town in Blanding taking math classes? They chose summer school, believe it or not. Smart kids.

This Friday, in ceremonies at the Utah State University campus in Blanding, Jadan, Shakira and Quiana will be part of a group of 23 Native American teenagers who represent the first graduating class of PREP, a national summer school program that prepares kids to be scientists, engineers, doctors, tech wizards, astronauts and the like. (PREP stands for Prefreshman Engineering Program).

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