Plenty of choices: Charter school enrollment periods, areas of focus vary

Lolly BowlerMaking the Grade: Utah works to improve its marks in STEM education Utah Business May 8, 2018News

Parents in Utah have a choice when it comes to education, and this is the time of year when those big decisions are made.

Approximately 9 percent of K-12 students in Cache County are currently enrolled in public charter schools, a total of 2,600, compared to 23,500 enrolled in local district schools, according to data from the Utah State Board of Education.

With six local charter schools — each with a vastly different focus and specialty — there’s something for everyone. Along with those different specialties, however, comes unique enrollment periods and lottery systems. The Herald Journal compiled a roundup of the local charter schools to help parents and students navigate their choices.


Many schools on the list have a STEM focus. See the list here.