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U.C.A. 63M-1-3201–3211

The STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Action Center prioritizes STEM education, which works to develop Utah’s workforce of the future. The program drives research and implementation of STEM education best practices across Utah by coordinating STEM-related activities, creating and supporting STEM education, facilitating educator access to education tools, and aligning public STEM education with higher-education STEM activities.

In order to advance STEM initiatives, the STEM Action Center Board will use legislative funding to oversee several projects that align with K-12 education and support the Utah State Office of Education and higher education partners. These programs address issues that support outreach, recruitment, retention and student achievement

Additionally, the STEM Action Center will align technology and innovation with industry needs and higher education initiatives to ensure development of the future workforce. This will be a safeguard to the state’s economic prosperity by ensuring there is a workforce ready to take on the high-quality and high-paying STEM related careers.


This bill amends provisions relating to the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Action Center.


The STEM Action Center initiative, with its Board, will use the substantial funds appropriated to create a STEM Action Center to help teachers adopt STEM best practices. The STEM Action Center’s primary goal is to support teacher professional development and excite students with STEM opportunities, by providing effective STEM education/digital learning tools to public K-12 classrooms.

Stronger math and science skills are a must for tomorrow’s technology workforce. The STEM Action Center will help our students be much better prepared to fill the “hot STEM jobs” with thousands of openings now and in the future.

As our #1 legislative priority, UTC provided strong industry engagement through committee testimonies, Calls to Action and key lobbying support in order to ensure the passage of this critical bill. Other community partners joined with us.

This is one of the most significant pieces of legislation with substantial new funding to pass the 2013 session and will change the course of Utah’s education going forward to prepare our ample workforce to compete globally for jobs today and tomorrow. It was an historic feat for industry, government and education to come together on this important economic development issue.


The STEM Action Center is Utah’s leader in promoting science, technology, engineering and math through best practices in education to ensure connection with industry and Utah’s long-term economic prosperity.


  • Produce a STEM-competitive workforce to ensure Utah’s continued economic success in the global marketplace
  • Catalyze student experience, community engagement and industry alignment by identifying and implementing the public- and higher-education best practices that will transform workforce development
  • Increase equity and access to all Utah students, including those in rural communities
The following projects are part of the STEM Action Center’s portfolio, in partnership with the Utah State Office of Education, the Utah System of Higher Education and industry:

A critical component of the STEM Action Center’s strategic plan is to increase industry engagement. The Center promotes industry involvement within STEM programs and is actively involved in the STEM media and marketing campaign.

The campaign is a partnership with Comcast and numerous private companies to help “change the hearts and minds” of the community. The campaign was launched in January 2014 with a public event at the Neil Armstrong Academy and included participation of the Governor, many key leaders in the state and community and approximately 50 students.

Additionally, over 10 promotional ads have been created that highlight STEM careers and Utah companies including Merit Medical, Nelson Labs, IMFlash, ATK etc. The Center, working with Comcast, is preparing to move from this campaign to create greater awareness which will focus on engagement of students, teachers and parents

  • Val Hale – Executive Director of the Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development –Board Vice Chair
  • Dr. Blair K. Carruth – Assistant Commissioner for Academic Affairs at the Utah System of Higher Education – Board member
  • Sydnee Dickson – State Superintendent – Board Member
  • Reza Jalili – Adobe – Board Member
  • Richard Nelson – President and CEO, Utah Technology Council – Board Member
  • Jon Pierpont – Executive Director, Utah’s Department of Workforce Services – Board Member
  • Tami Pyfer – Governor’s Education Advisor – Board Member
  • Dr. Bert VanderHeiden – VP of Military Segment, Aerospace Structures, ATK – Board member
  • Gene Levinzon – Industry Consultant – Ex-Officio Board member

Utah High School Graduation  and Dropout Rates: http://www.schools.utah.gov/data/Reports/Graduation-Dropout.aspx

  • 2016: 38, 326 (85%) graduated
  • 2015: 36,933 graduated (84%)
  • 2014: 35,763 (83%)

Utah Higher Education Graduation Rates: https://higheredutah.org/data/graduation-rates/

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