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Grants are helping Utah educators make the most of learning opportunities. They’re giving STEM students valuable learning tools and resources that would otherwise be unavailable. Classroom grants provide funds to enhance everyday learning. Competition grants are available to assist students in extracurricular STEM competition experiences. Additionally, various grants partnered with outside organizations provide an assortment of experiences involving a variety of STEM fields.

Past education grant recipients agree that grant funds have elevated their teaching quality: educators felt unimpeded to take risks in new academic areas. Over 95 percent of recipients from the 2017-2018 school year said the grants taught their students to be self-directed learners. Ninety-six percent of recipients said students benefited from added opportunities to learn from their mistakes. Increasingly, grant-benefiting students are being stretched to develop and pursue STEM education and careers they may not have previously considered. Browse our grant programs to learn more:

Read the stories and get the facts behind our key grant programs:

Event Sponsorship Grant

PreK-12 Classroom Grant

STEM Competition Grant

STEM Organization Grant

Computing Partnerships Grant

Professional Learning Grant

K-12 Math Personalized Learning Grant


The following projects are part of the STEM Action Center’s portfolio, in partnership with the Utah State Office of Education, the Utah System of Higher Education and industry:

Improving curricula and educational approaches

The STEM Action Center oversees conferences and other opportunities for collaborative reflection of teaching approaches. These periods of evaluation are crucial to helping educators strengthen their teaching skills and focus on best practices.

Implementing a STEM School Designation Certification for STEM schools

The STEM Schools Designation program provides a structured framework for schools to self-evaluate and craft long-term goals to bring real-world STEM applications into classrooms. The designation process helps teachers and communities set greater intentions for STEM education. Our thorough review process has awarded dozens of schools at various designation levels, setting them on a strong path forward to improvement.

Creating connections between educators, students and industry

STEM mentor and ambassador programs establish platforms for STEM enthusiasts to share their talents with the next generation. These experiences pave the way for positive associations with STEM career paths and educational pursuits.

STEM in Motion to deliver exciting lessons

STEM in Motion travels to over 70 schools and other organizations across the state to provide hands-on, project-based learning for children K-8th grade. The STEM Bus aims to generate enthusiasm for STEM careers and supports the governor’s initiative for a STEM-competitive workforce.

Sharing great lesson plans in our virtual lesson library

The Lesson Library houses educator-submitted lesson plans on a variety of STEM topics. Educators can take advantage of each other’s successes and implement fun and creative teaching methods.

Creating a STEM endorsement

This endorsement was created in partnership with institutes of higher education, district leaders, and classroom teachers to develop a stronger knowledge of STEM subjects for Utah teachers in grades K-6. The Utah State Board of Education is partnering with the STEM Action Center on this project to support this effort.