Diversity & Equity in STEM

The STEM Action Center is committed to advancing diversity & equity in STEM, providing new opportunities for the next generation of STEM leaders. Our Equity and Inclusion subcommittee will advance initiatives and programs to advance this goal while compiling a list of independent resources.

Website Scholarships & Career Resources
To check out our website’s featured STEM scholarship & career resources for minorities, click here.


STEM Education Equity Coalition
The formation of our equity and inclusion subcommittee to help guide more intentional and high impact programming to broaden participation in STEM

STEM Action Center Innovation Hub
The new STEM AC Innovation Hub will be located in the heart of South Salt Lake and will work in partnership with the City of South Salt Lake, Granite School District, and the Utah Refugee Connection to provide STEM outreach activities and training for the community. This includes Granite School District, with a 49% minority student enrollment, as the STEM AC will be working with elementary and junior high schools in proximity to the new STEM AC Innovation Hub to provide support in STEM education.

Pilot Kit Programs

Implementing a pilot kit program for blended online and hands-on summer STEM activities for children and families. The STEM AC will assemble 600 kits to pilot the program and the kits will be distributed to students and parents in the Tooele School District, the Utah Refugee Connection, the Refugee and Immigrant Center, and Girls Scouts of Utah to pilot the STEM kits.

Intermountain STEM

Finishing a 2 year National Science Foundation INCLUDES grant, which is entitled Intermountain STEM. The NSF INCLUDES program has the mission of broadening participation in STEM. With this in mind, our Intermountain STEM pilot grant has forms a partnership between Utah, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, and the National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity (NAPE) that is focusing on using collective impact to identify, share and scale best practices in STEM equity, monitor STEM equity in the region (a STEM Equity Program Evaluation Rubric was created by the project team) and develop asset maps for STEM equity resources. The Intermountain STEM team recently submitted a planning grant to the NSF INCLUDES program to develop a national alliance model with four regional hubs. Utah will be the Western Region hub with the STEM AC (T. Goetz) as one of the co-PIs on the national alliance proposal.

STEM Micro-messaging

Partnered with Utah Valley University and the Utah National Air Guard to submit a US Department of Defense grant that would support scaling of the STEM Micro-Messaging pilot (funded through the Motorola Foundation). STEM Micro-Messaging helps to train educators and counselors to avoid negative messaging to students of diversity, as well as girls, as it relates to STEM education pathways and careers. The pilot was conducted in partnership with Davis School District, with 70 teachers as participants. It was incredibly successful and was designed to be scalable. The grant would also provide support to adapt the micro-messaging training for parents and community members.

Noyce Grant Master STEM Educator Institute

Partnering with Utah State University, Utah Valley University, the University of Utah, and Southern Utah University to submit a planning grant for the National Science Foundation’s Noyce Scholarship program. The planning grant will help to develop a Master STEM Educator Institute that will focus on addressing critical and emerging challenges in STEM education with targeted, educator-driven solutions. The proposed challenges include innovative approaches to diversity-based pedagogy strategies, development of culturally aligned STEM content and resources, and innovative distance learning strategies.

For more information about these objectives, or to suggest new resources for minority populations, contact Becca Robison at beccarobison@utah.gov.


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