Utah STEM Ambassadors Program

Ambassador Testimonial

The Utah STEM Action Center is looking for college students or recent college graduates who have a passion for STEM and would like to volunteer their time promoting science, technology, engineering, and math to students, educators and industry throughout the State of Utah. Once or twice a month, the STEM Action Center has the opportunity to attend events and present in a booth format what STEM opportunities are available to students, educators and industry. This is an opportunity for you to join the STEM Action Center at these events and drive STEM awareness. We also welcome volunteers who would like to share their time at the STEM Action Center in various other ways. Our volunteers have found their experience with the STEM Action Center to be a great opportunity to grow their network, strengthen their portfolio and practice their presentation skills. As a STEM Ambassador, you may participate in the following ways:

  • Interact with students at the STEM Booth
  • Help students with STEM Activities
  • Implement a STEM activity that you’d like to share with students
  • Interact with educators and explain opportunities available to them in STEM
  • Share with industry members on how they can become involved in STEM
  • Assist the STEM Action Center at events with setup, engagement and breakdown
  • We welcome your ideas on how you would like to engage with STEM and the STEM Action Center!
Learn more about our current STEM Ambassadors! Click here.

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