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Photo of Angela Mastaloudis

Angela Mastaloudis


Brassica Protection Products, LLC

Dr. Angela Mastaloudis has more than 15 years in the dietary supplement industry where she has been involved in clinical and preclinical research as well as new product innovation.


Dr. Mastaloudis specializes in oxidative stress and antioxidant vitamins and plant phytochemicals. Her early academic research focused on topics relating to vitamins E and C and their effects on endurance exercise-induced oxidative stress. Her more recent work has focused on the effects of a variety of natural compounds on gene expression, induction of intrinsic antioxidant defenses, the microbiota and intestinal cell health. She has also focused a great deal of her research efforts on the identification of calorie restriction mimetics and other anti-aging approaches.


Dr. Mastaloudis has published extensively in journals such as Redox Biology, Free Radical Biology and Medicine, Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise and Aging Cell, among others. She has had eight patent submissions, 4 of which have been issued so far.


Dr. Mastaloudis’ interest in the role of lifestyle, particularly nutrition and physical activity, on the promotion of healthspan for all individuals led to her pursuit of research into the mechanisms of these areas at the biochemical level. She earned her master’s degree in Human Nutrition Science and her Doctorate in Nutrition Biochemistry and Exercise Physiology from Oregon State University where she was a Linus Pauling Institute Graduate Fellow.


In addition to being passionate about science, Angela is an avid outdoor enthusiast. You will find her skiing in winter and hiking, mountain biking, and swimming in the summer most often with her giant dogs along for the fun. Angela also enjoys volunteering with her dog Greta and Intermountain Therapy Animals to promote early reading competency and enjoyment through the READ program.

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