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Photo of Jason Maestri

Jason Maestri


Lockheed Martin

Jason Maestri is the Team Lead for the Embedded Systems Team at Lockheed Martin Procerus Technologies. In this capacity, Mr. Maestri is responsible for managing the firmware development and hardware integration for the Kestrel 3 and 4 autopilots, as well as for the suite of avionics that supports them. With nearly twenty years’ experience developing embedded software, Mr. Maestri brings considerable knowledge and capability to the Lockheed Martin team.

Prior to joining Lockheed Martin, Mr. Maestri was a Principal Software Engineer at Solera Networks. He led the team responsible for developing tools to extract and analyze embedded information in real time from high-bandwidth network traffic. During his time at Solera Networks, Mr. Maestri also advanced their hardware platform from a proof-of-concept to an enterprise class system. During the two decades Mr. Maestri has been working in the embedded field, he has developed cutting edge software and solutions for satellites, network firewalls, parental controls, medical and communications equipment, and others. He is at his best when unifying teams, solving difficult problems, and pushing the boundaries of the current state of the art.

As a father of five, Mr. Maestri is passionate about introducing children to technology and empowering them to learn. This is especially true of non-traditional students and students with disabilities. One of his greatest joys in life is helping youth to realize can accomplish anything they put their minds to.

Mr. Maestri studied Electrical and Computer Engineering at Utah State University and is currently a participant in Lockheed Martin’s Advanced Technical Leadership Program.

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