CenturyLink STEM Excellence Award

Community Program Overview

The Utah Jazz and CenturyLink are partnered with the STEM Action Center to recognize outstanding students that have demonstrated a commitment and passion for excellence in STEM. Every month during the NBA season, Utah students grades K-12 can be nominated for the CenturyLink STEM Excellence Award. CenturyLink will honor one student that demonstrates exemplary performance in areas of science, technology, engineering and math through academic excellence, teamwork, involvement in school and/or extracurricular STEM-related activities, and continued commitment to advancing STEM. We are accepting nominations for your outstanding student to be recognized during an upcoming Utah Jazz game! Please see official rules for details.

2018-19 Season Award Recipients:  

Game 1: Jason Roberts, 12th grade, American Fork High School
Game 2: Sydney Nielson, 8th grade, Altamont High School
Game 3: Grace Mead, 9th grade, Corner Canyon High School
Game 4: Allison Ames, 8th grade, Dixie Middle School
Game 5: Kayden Branch, 5th grade, Municipal Elementary School
Game 6: Trinity Mauer, 11th grade, Beehive Science and Technology Academy

Nomination Process:   


The nomination form must be filled out completely. Areas left blank will be disqualified and not entered into the program.

Application Deadline Jazz Game
11/07/18 11/21/18
11/28/18 12/12/18
12/31/18 1/14/19
01/25/19 02/09/19
02/28/19 03/14/19
03/26/18 04/09/19

Selection Process:  

A panel of STEM professionals will review nominations and select the awardee that has made outstanding contributions to their peers, school or community to advance and enhance STEM learning and achievement. Winners will be selected by the STEM committee.

Award details:

The recipient of this award will receive two (2) tickets to a preselected Utah Jazz game. The student will receive on-court recognition, be featured on the scoreboard, and will be given a personalized Utah Jazz jersey.


The CenturyLink STEM Excellence Award Program ends on March 26, 2019, at 11:59 p.m. MST. IN ORDER TO RECEIVE THE AWARD THE WINNER MUST BE ABLE TO ATTEND THE JAZZ GAME.

Requirements for nomination:

  • The nominator is either an educator or school administrator.
  • The student who receives the CenturyLink STEM Excellence Award must be able to attend the designated Utah Jazz game.
  • Student must be a Utah resident.
  • Student must be in grades K-12.
  • Student must excel in STEM learning and achievement as well as encourage and assist others to do the same.

$10,000 donation!

In addition to the student recognitions, CenturyLink will present a $10,000 donation to the Utah STEM Foundation at halftime during the Utah Jazz game on April 9, 2019. The contribution will support the foundation’s efforts to promote the best educational practices in math and science studies that align with industry needs and support Utah’s long-term economic prosperity.

Please fill out the following form to nominate a student for the award:

CenturyLink STEM Excellence Award

Page 1

Please read the following criteria and ensure that the student you plan to nominate is qualified for the award. Then fill out the form on the next page.  


Requirements for nomination:

  • The student who receives the Utah Jazz/CenturyLink/STEM Action Center must be able to attend the designated Utah Jazz game.
  • Student must be a Utah Resident
  • Student must be in grades K-12
  • Student must excel in STEM learning and achievement as well as encourage and assist others to do the same

Please provide your contact information:

Page 2


Please tell us about the person you are nominating by answering the following questions. 

Please tell us why this student should receive award.  Your narrative should include the following: 

  • An improvement in scores or letter grade in a STEM-related course or program
  • Maintenance of a B or higher in a STEM-related course or program
  • Achievement in activities that promote or support academic excellence such as outstanding attendance
  • Participation in out-of-school STEM-related activities
  • Impact on peers to achieve excellence in STEM-related activities


Please limit your narrative to two pages, double-spaced.

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