Craft Lake City Launching Online STEM Workshops for Utah Educators

With Utah schools completing the 2019-2020 school year entirely virtual, Utah Title I elementary schools can now get free online access to educational videos related to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). The six video series, created by Craft Lake City® and Google Fiber, with additional support from the Utah STEM Action Center and year-round community partner organizations, will be distributed weekly to schools beginning this week.

“In collaboration with our partners, we are stepping up to this unprecedented challenge by providing this resource free of charge to Utah schools,” said Craft Lake City Executive Director Angela H. Brown.

New Resources for a New Time
Community STEM partners assisted in surveying elementary educators to determine the scope of their educational needs. The 3rd-5th grade curriculum topics include the following: compostable matter, interdependent relationships in ecosystems, static electricity and magnets, demonstrations of surface tension/viscosity (using common household items), growing rock crystals, and photosynthesis. All parts of the series are ten minutes or less.

“In this new era of distance learning, it is our hope that we can provide quality, engaging and entertaining virtual STEM content that will alleviate potential educational stressors felt by teachers and parents, while inspiring youth to become engaged in science, technology, engineering and mathematics,” said Craft Lake City STEM Manager Beth Drees.

Once educators have had the opportunity to utilize these videos for their STEM-related curriculum, Craft Lake City will make the content available to the public for free this summer through promoted social media campaigns, e-newsletter inclusions and community partnerships.

“Craft Lake City, Google Fiber and all participating partners recognize the importance of supporting families and school communities with simple, fun and educational online learning experiences. The internet has never been so widely recognized for its important role in connecting us to education and people,” said Jacob Brace, Google Fiber Government & Community Affairs Manager – Utah.

Partners and Additional Information
The video series was produced and made possible by Craft Lake City and Google Fiber, with support from the Utah STEM Action Center and in partnership with Utah Division of Arts and Museums, The George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation,, Salt Lake City Arts Council and Salt Lake County ZAP.

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An excerpt from a Craft Lake City STEM video | Craft Lake City