High School STEM Industry Credential – Computer Science & Information Technology Pathways Pilot Grant

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The goal of this funding is to:

  1. Provide pilot funding to LEAs to build a K-16 computing pathway with elements needed for new CS/IT pathways or to enhance existing pathways. These pilots will be supported with one-time carry over funds from the STEM AC. The funding period is to begin during the 2016/17 school year and apply to the 2017/18 school year, ending on June 30, 2018.
  1. Solicit information from all LEAs interested in building out a K-16 pathway in CS/IT. The information submitted will be used to create language for a bill that will be supported by industry during the 2017 legislative session to secure additional grant funds. These additional grant funds will be used to allow the STEM AC to scale the CS/IT pathway program and optimize LEA participation across the state.

Eligibility: Public secondary schools (high schools), districts and charter schools (with a specific focus on high school programs), and consortium applicants

Funding: Total funding allocated is approximately $900,000; Funding limit per applicant: $200,000


For questions about this grant, please email: vkaul@utah.gov

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