Dominion Energy Commits $5 Million to Social Justice, Community Rebuilding Efforts

In a press release last week, Dominion Energy announced it would contribute $5 million from their charitable foundation to assist non-profits in social justice community reconciliation, as well as small and minority-owned businesses recover from damages associated with recent protests. Included in the statement were comments by the company’s chairman, Thomas F. Farrell, II, the president, and chief executive officer:

“At Dominion Energy, we have a saying that ‘Actions Speak Louder.’ We share the anger of our communities at the unjustified deaths of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and George Floyd. Our communities are grieving. Words can evoke empathy, compassion, and understanding, but actions truly speak louder. So, we are investing in recovery and reconciliation, and in the vital work of overcoming years of debilitating actions, attitudes, and abuses of authority that have traumatized our country.”

The full text of the press release, along with additional information on the Dominion Energy charitable foundation, can be read at Dominion Energy’s website.

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