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How to Make Distance Learning Work for Teachers and Students


As a leader in innovative STEM education, we are committed to providing students with access to programs which will assist in their education and prepare them for the future workforce. New technologies have enabled a new kind of educational instruction: distance learning. This next step in online education allows students to be instructed and collaborate with classmates from the safety of their own homes. In the wake of a global pandemic and social distancing requirements, these distance learning programs are no longer a helpful tool for isolated classrooms; they are a vital support to all students now and in the future. Check out our distance learning programs below for exciting new opportunities!


STEM in Motion


Since its creation, our STEM in Motion team has traveled across the state to deliver innovative STEM instruction and curriculum to Utah classrooms. With distance learning, now the SIM team is sending these resources straight to your computer. They’re adapting all their programs to make them available online and usable for hybrid instruction. Efforts to do this will include:

  • Transition traditional SIM curriculum to online accessible content
  • Canvas software work with Utah Education Network (UEN)
  • Teacher training videos
  • Kits to supplement online courses available for checkout

STEM in Motion Program

For more information about STEM in Motion distance learning, contact us at


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Math 2.0


Math 2.0 is the successor to our current math personalized learning program, introducing Math Mentor training and To Learn math education kits to Utah schools. Nothing helps students succeed more than one-on-one attention and encouragement from a caring adult. Math Mentors build on that principle to provide personal mentoring between students and community volunteers. In partnership with AmeriCorps and local industry, we are building student’s confidence in math, and volunteers’ confidence in math mentoring, one at a time.  Additionally, we have launched the To Learn series, personalized kits highlighting the math in daily activities like painting and cooking. These kits can be used in conjunction with Math Mentors, or even in student’s homes, helping them recognize math principles in the everyday and build their confidence in their math abilities.

K-12 Math Personalized Learning Program

For more information about Math 2.0, contact Clarence Ames at



Summer Camps


For the times when in-person summer camps aren’t an option, we have assembled resources for more dynamic, virtual summer camps. You can check out our robotics library and training videos to create your own camps, or for a pre-fabricated camp experience, you can check out our upcoming To Learn kits for 3-6 week summer activities.

Robotics Library

Robotics Training Video Playlists

For more information about these summer camps, contact Becca Robison at



Connecting with Industry


To fulfill our mission of ensuring “connection with industry and Utah’s long-term economic prosperity,” we have advanced efforts to create distance learning initiatives with industry partners, Nepris and Facebook.




Nepris connects students and educators to industry professionals for career STEM exposure. The STEM AC partnership provides access for educators to show special STEM industry videos to students, as well as involve experts in virtual classroom visits and live chats. Educators may request Nepris licenses from the STEM AC to allow them to make special requests for specific professionals and compile their own classroom playlists. Alternatively, Nepris content will also be made available to all classrooms in STEM in Motion kits.

Nepris Homepage

STEM in Motion Kits (coming soon)

For more information about our Nepris partnership, contact Lynn Purdin at


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Facebook and USHE

In partnership with the Utah System of Higher Education (USHE), the STEM Action Center has created the Utah STEM Action Center Facebook Community. This platform provides a space for community engagement between industry, educators, and students not available on other platforms. Community members participate through Facebook Live events, Innovative Teacher highlights, distance learning callouts, STEM classroom icebreakers, and so much more!

Utah STEM Network Facebook Community

For more information on the Utah STEM Network Facebook Community, contact David Wicai at


Online College Resources


For those high school students who are wondering what their higher education prospects will be in the world of COVID-19, we have found the resources for you! From college selections to internships, we’ve found some sources which can make your next step in education much smoother.


The Best Online Colleges of 2020

The Optics of an Online Degree

Internship Cancelled? There are alternatives!