Angry Birds Are Mad About Physics

Lesson Overview

NGSS Science Domain:
Physical science

Cross-Cutting Concepts (CCC’S):
Energy & Matter/ Structure and function

NGSS Objective/Core Idea:
PS2A: Forces and motion; PS3C: Relationship between energy and forces. Learn about catapults and Newton’s laws of motion

Supplies Needed:
Popsicle sticks/tongue depressors, spoons, rubber bands, tape, marshmallows, boxes, Chinese lanterns with angry birds pig’s faces taped onto them, dodgeballs with angry birds faces taped on, rubber medical tubing, material (slingshot for dodgeballs), feather, pen, cotton ball.

Lesson Plan

Review rules, science awards, show website

Show feather and cotton ball and ask which one will fall to the ground first. Have the students make their predictions. Next show them cotton ball and pen at the same time. Ask again which one will hit the ground first. Talk about gravity.

Work period:
Smartboard presentation- go over all of the slides and show a video clip of the ocean being pulled by the tides.

Lab Activity

Make their own catapults! Do live angry birds catapult. Use 3 students. 2 students hold the rubber tubing and one student launches the ball at the boxes with the Chinese lanterns (pigs) on top and tries to knock them down just like in the movie Angry Birds.


What did you learn? What cross-cutting concept do you think we used? Why?

Picture of Isaac Newton with the science in the community activity. Go to the aquatic center or the park and finds ways to use Newton’s laws of motion.

Self Assessment:
The kids loved knocking over the boxes and doing the live Angry Bird’s launch. The catapults were harder for young kids. They had a hard time wrapping the rubber bands around the sticks. They will need some help with this step.


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