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This activity directly ties to Utah Core Standard 7.1.2 to apply Newton’s third law to a design a system. In this workshop, teachers will have the opportunity to engage in the construction of a chain reaction machine. Our presenter will challenge teachers to work in groups to create a chain reaction machine. Each participant will contribute to a part of the entire machine. As they create, teachers experiment with different materials and consider the mechanics of how objects of different mass interact, and forces work in practice. They will use problem-solving and communication skills as they overcome challenges.

Lesson Performance Expectations:

  • Students will develop and revise models of force and motion in the way of creating a Rube Goldberg Machine. They will then test their models’ ability to complete the intended task, collaboration and contributing equally to their peers, and demonstrate an understanding of the transfer of energy within a system.
  • Students will use appropriate language to describe their models and asking questions of peers to extend their thinking. Students will participate in a whole-class discussion by expressing in the proper language how their machine succeeded or new ideas to improve. They should also ask questions and rephrase concepts discussed.


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