About Our Visit


School Visit Policy

The Utah STEM in Motion program manager will work with the school contact to create a schedule for the day. We do programs for K-8th grade and can teach a single grade or a combination of grades throughout the day.

Once teachers have their chosen programs and schedule, they can prepare for our visit in any way. We do not provide any pre-program materials.

Due to space and materials available, a maximum of 30 students may attend each lesson. If you have more than 30 students in a class, we ask that you coordinate with another class to bring the number of students down to 30.

Programs are 45 minutes or 2 hours. The school contact and the STEM in Motion program manager will determine the best combination of these programs.

The Utah STEM in Motion program will provide a minimum of 2 team members and all materials needed.

The Utah STEM in Motion team expects a level of order to be maintained in the classroom and on the bus if present. If the students are being disruptive to the point where our team member feels like teaching cannot continue, the team member will suspend teaching until order can be reestablished. If order cannot be reestablished, the Utah STEM in Motion team reserves the right to cancel the remainder of the visit. No refund or reschedule will be given.

If any damage is done to STEM in Motion equipment, it will be the responsibility of the school to cover the cost of the damaged property.

Teaching not done on the bus must be done in a classroom. Teaching in a gym or auditorium hurts the quality of the teaching experience for both the students and staff and will not be permitted.

Cancellation Policy & Staff Restrictions

If the Utah STEM in Motion program is unable to fulfill this service obligation for any reason, we will inform involved parties as soon as possible. All efforts will be made to reschedule the agreed-upon visit at no additional cost to the school/district.

The Utah STEM in Motion team is restricted from the following activities or responsibilities:

  • Transporting students or school/district members on any STEM in Motion vehicle
  • Escorting students to or from classrooms or other school locations
  • Overseeing student pick-up or drop-off, breaks, or other non-STEM in Motion related activities

School Requirements

To aid in our instruction, the Utah STEM in Motion team asks that certain supplies and personnel be present in the classroom(s) during our visit. We will provide everything needed for teaching on the bus, but classrooms should include:

  • Tables and chairs (for 30 students and 2 staff)
  • Access to power outlets
  • Projector (We can provide one if none is available, but we need to know in advance.)
  • Staff member (teacher or administrator) present with children at all times

In order to track STEM impact and awareness around the state, we require that all teachers participating in the STEM in Motion program fill out a post-visit survey.

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Our Goals

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