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Thanksgiving Point’s education department is pleased to announce E.C.O. Challenge Career Day coming up this September 21st! Our Explore, Create, Observe (E.C.O.) Challenge is a STEM program that invites high school students to address real-world environmental challenges on both a local and global scale.

What is E.C.O. Challenge? In the fall, students attend a career day to meet professionals working in science and engineering careers from state agencies, industry, and non-profit organizations. Teens learn the needs or problems in these fields, and undertake a related “challenge.”  Students spend the next several months designing and prototyping solutions using a variety of disciplines. From producing short films to inventions that aid in conservation, students select unique and authentic ways to contribute their ideas and solutions. Prizes are awarded to help schools provide real world environmental science programs in the coming year. We invite you to participate and join the E.C.O. Challenge!

Why Participate?  E.C.O. Challenge is a wonderful opportunity for young minds because it is designed to inspire students’ critical-thinking skills and civic engagement; as well as showcase the students’ abilities to local industries and agencies. Furthermore, it enables educators to connect to a network of educational resources and hands-on learning opportunities. Contestants also have an opportunity to win prizes and recognition for both student and school achievement.

How do I participate? To get started, please submit a school registration form to Thanksgiving Point here. You may participate in the Career Day in the fall and/or the Challenge showcase in the Spring.

What are the Prizes/Awards? The top-scoring high school (by average of points awarded) will receive the 2017-2018 E.C.O. Challenge Award.The three top-scoring schools are awarded $1,000 (1st), $500 (2nd), and $250 (3rd) to support environmental programs and initiatives at their school. Participating students and teachers also receive E.C.O. Challenge T-shirts (featuring the winning design of the T-shirt Design Challenge.)

This event is a great opportunity to enrich your students’ education. More information on the challenges can be found here.  Don’t miss out! Accept your invite by emailing us back at, or give us a call at 801-768-7480.