Professional Learning Opportunities

SHIFT Big Screen Science 2014-15Big Screen Science: Fostering Science Inquiry Through Filmmaking
Join SHIFT, in partnership with the Leonardo and the Utah State Office of Education, in a seven-month professional development initiative to train STEM educators (grades 6 through 12) how to facilitate the production of student-produced instructional and documentary videos.
Big Screen Science participants will be trained to integrate storytelling principles and the filmmaking process to craft compelling digital stories aimed at deepening content learning, enhancing STEM literacy and exciting students about potential STEM careers. Framed by essential questions, this technology infused training will allow teachers to explore how constructing cinematic narratives combined with intentionally designed lesson plans can increase student engagement, improve STEM skills achievement and energize classroom climate.
If you are interested please APPLY and send an email to that you are interested to expedite the reviewing process. 

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