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We are always looking for more STEM community members to get involved!  If you would like to help review STEM School designation applications, click the button on the right.  This is a great opportunity to  see what is expected by reviewers if you are interested in applying for STEM Designation in the future, or if you want to see a variety of STEM Best Practices in place across the state. Reviews will take place in January 2020 at the STEM Action Center.


Intent to Apply will open again in August 2019


Utah Designated STEM School List 

STEM School Application FAQ’s

The STEM Action Center and the Utah State Office of Education is pleased to continue the Utah STEM School Designation program for the 2017-2018 school year.

The Utah STEM Schools Designation program was developed to define the criteria and elements necessary for a school to create a comprehensive STEM learning environment for their students. The STEM schools designation program will allow schools to engage in discussions with faculty and community partners around STEM education as a lens for strong instruction for students to prepare them for college and career readiness. The designation also serves as an indicator for members of the public who are looking for STEM school experiences in Utah K-12 education. Schools that have identified a passion for STEM education will benefit from the opportunity for both reflection and recognition through this program.

In order to support local initiatives that are attempting to meet the requirements of STEM education in Utah, the Utah Legislature is supporting designation of STEM schools. Utah Code 63M-1-3204 states in part that:

“The STEM Action Center as funding allows shall: work cooperatively with the State Board of Education to designate schools as STEM schools, where the schools have agreed to adopt a plan of STEM implementation in alignment with criteria set by the State Board of Education and the board;”

Applicants must:

  • Be a current public school in the state of Utah that serves the K-12 student population
  • Have been in existence and serving a student population for at least the two previous school years. (This is required so the schools can provide evidence of implementation of the elements as required in the portfolio.)
  • Implement standards-based instruction aligned to the Utah Core Standards as central to instruction.
  • Complete the eligibility questions by the intended deadline indicating intent to apply.

  1. STEM Schools Designation Overview : This document is the complete overview of the STEM schools program and application for this year.
  2. STEM Schools Designation Criteria: This document covers the criteria for the STEM schools process.
  3. STEM School Designation Score Sheet.xlsx: This  is a score sheet for use by applicants to keep track of self-determined scores for each element.
  4. Application Site: This link will take applicants to the application site. All application documents must be uploaded to this site for consideration.

Release of Utah STEM Schools Criteria: August 2018

Eligibility Questions/Intent to Apply: October 8, 2018

Application Webinars

  • Overview: Early October, date forthcoming
  • Dimensions 1&2: Mid-October, date forthcoming
  • Dimensions 3&4: Early November, date forthcoming
  • Dimensions 5&6: Mid-November, date forthcoming
  • Dimensions 7&8: End of November, date forthcoming
  • Dimensions 9&10: Mid-December, date forthcoming
  • Final Questions: First week of January 2019
  • Full Portfolio Due: Mid-January 2019

Portfolio Review: Anticipated January 21-25, 2019

Site Visits for Schools Seeking Gold or Platinum STEM School Designation: Anticipated February 11-22, 2019

STEM School Designation Presented to Utah State Board of Education for Approval: April/May 2019

Awards Ceremony: During STEM Best Practices Conference in June 2019