We want your STEM experiences to be extraordinary, which is why we have provided training and resources for teachers and offered classroom tools like math, science and career and technical education software.

Not all learning occurs in the classroom, so we encourage your participation in STEM competitions like science fairs, robotics challenges and math competitions. We also encourage attendance at STEM camps and conferences!

This portion of our website is designed to make you aware of available funding that can help you with the necessary registration, materials and participation costs. Our hope is that you will be excited about science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Our website can help you learn more about these subjects and what it might be like to work as a professional technician, scientist or mathematician. With lots of resources to encourage your creativity, we think STEM is a pretty cool place to be found.

We would love to hear from you. For questions, ideas, and comments, please contact us at 801-538-8678 or email stem@utah.gov