The primary function of the STEM Action Center Fairs, Camps and Competitions Grant is to encourage student participation in STEM-focused activities. This grant is intended for Utah K-12 students.* Requests for funding should be based on what is required to participate or compete in the STEM activity, such as entrance fees, project materials and travel to and from the event. Students are eligible for ONE award per grant year. This is a post-performance grant, meaning students/mentors will be reimbursed for approved expenses after the activity has taken place. Award notifications will be sent by November 27, 2015.

*Students attending a camp or competition outside of Utah are not eligible for this grantEducators are able to apply for funding separately through our Classroom Grant. It is not appropriate for educators to apply for funding towards a project already being funded through the student grant.

What is required for this application?

  • Students are required to complete the online application form BEFORE the activity takes place.
  • Students must list a mentor (parent, teacher, coach, etc.) who will support them with their project.
  • The listed mentor must submit an electronic letter of recommendation for the student or team through the online application portal. Emailed or hard copy letters will not be accepted.
  • All student and mentor information must be completed through the online application portal BEFORE the application deadline. No Incomplete or late forms will be accepted.

What is required if awarded funding?

  • All receipts are required for reimbursement. Receipts must be submitted through the application portal no later than 10 days after the fair, camp or competition.
  • Once receipts have been submitted, The STEM Action Center will provide a grant agreement to be signed electronically by the student AND the mentor.
  • Students will be required to participate in a short survey after their competition or camp.
  • NOTE: reimbursement of materials designed for long-term use does not suggest student ownership. Such materials are required to remain with the student’s school for future use.

 The grant deadline is set for Friday, October 30, 2015 at Midnight.
Award notifications will be sent by November 27, 2015.


Students and mentors are awarded funding based on their ability to clearly demonstrate need and enthusiasm for participating in the event of their choice. Incomplete or vague applications will not be considered. If applicable, students should describe their previous participation in STEM events, including giving an account of the project materials used.

As always, applications completed entirely by parents, educators or mentors will not be considered. Our goal is for students to take part in the application process as much as possible. The STEM Action Center recognizes that some students may need assistance, however, the application should be the student’s responsibility.


Funding limitations:

  • Students are eligible to receive funding ONCE in the 2015-2016 year. Students cannot receive funding to participate in a team competition AND apply for funding towards an individual competition or camp.
  • Individual applicants may be awarded an amount of up to $500
  • Teams of 2 students can receive up to $500, and teams of 3-4 students can receive a maximum of $1,500. Teams for more than 5 students can receive a maximum of $2,500
  • Requests for laptop reimbursement is limited to a maximum of $500 regardless of brand or model
  • Students should not include expenses for a higher-level competition (regional fair, national or world competition) in their budget. Another grant opportunity is offered for this purpose.


Materials/items excluded from reimbursement:

  • T-shirts or other apparel
  • Meals and food
  • Items used for decoration of the robot, laptop, etc.
  • Teacher stipends or salaries
  • Printers or other technology not required to compete or complete your project
  • Team building activities (i.e. visits to a local children’s museum)


There will be no exceptions for the following:

  • Incomplete or poor applications will not be given the opportunity for revision
  • Late applications will not be accepted
  • Reimbursement will take place AFTER the applicant has competed or participated. Requests for expedited reimbursements will not be granted
  • Clear copies, scans or pictures of original receipts will be accepted this year through the application portal. Mailed or emailed receipts will not be accepted
  • Students requesting an increase in their award because of budget changes, forgotten items, or taxes will not be considered


Frequently Asked Questions

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The STEM Action Center office reserves the right to award funds equal to or less than the applicant’s request.

If you have questions please refer to our FAQ pages. For questions not answered on this site, please email Jenna (