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What is this grant?

The Utah STEM Action Center seeks to facilitate and support events that get educators and students excited about possibilities in STEM careers and education. We are dedicated to fostering connections between industry, students and educators in spaces that generate curiosity and promote best practices in education to ensure Utah’s long-term economic prosperity. Tens of thousands of students, families, teachers and professionals cross paths at our sponsored events every year.

Who can apply?

Please confirm that your event meets the STEM Action Center’s policy and guidelines (PDF) by reading and filling out the following form.

What is the timeline?

Sponsorship dollars are subject to STEM Action Center Board approval therefore advance notice of at least a month is required.

STEM Sponsorship Impact Form

If you were awarded a sponsorship grant from the STEM Action Center, you must complete an Event Sponsorship Impact Form no later than 30 days after the event has completed. If this form is not completed and submitted, it can jeopardize future funding for events.

Event Sponsorship Impact Form

Additional Information

For questions about this grant, please email David Wicai at

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