How to Find a STEM Summer Camp

Sarah Young with the STEM Action Center and USOE shares some advice on how to find a STEM Summer Camp!
Wondering where and how to look for a STEM Summer Camp? Sarah Young with the STEM Action Center and USOE shares some advice.

First, I would start by looking at the nearby universities. The Universities offer great programs often times in robotics, nature, STEM, and other related fields.  It’s a great opportunity to get your child exposed to higher education opportunities early.

Second, I would look at the opportunities with the informal science education sites such as Discovery Gateway (, the Leonardo (,  or Natural History Museum ( or Ogden Nature Center (  Each of these institutions have camps that are directed at STEM through their lens of their mission, and they have experiences that speak to alignment to K-12 education in Utah.

Third, I would consider looking at Utah Afterschoool Network ( ). Their website allows you to search for programs, and many of them will offer summer programs as well. They are a great resource for finding smaller programs that are local to you that may fit your needs.

Finally, I would sign up for the STEM Action Center email newsletter. This newsletter helps to inform about new programs and opportunities in STEM for the state of Utah. It’s a great resource that will keep you up to date:


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