InTech Collegiate High School looking to add 7th and 8th grades

amcelweeMaking the Grade: Utah works to improve its marks in STEM education Utah Business May 8, 2018News

InTech Collegiate High School has announced that the school is looking to expand its enrollment by adding 7th and 8th grades in the 2018-19 school year. The school has been anticipating this expansion since 2015 when the Cache County School Board approved an amendment to the InTech Collegiate High School Charter Agreement. The decision allowed InTech to add grades and expand its headcount. The Cache County School Board authorizes InTech’s charter.

According to Executive Director of InTech Collegiate High School Jason Stanger in a press release, increasing the number of students and grade levels will improve the school’s economies of scale and will allow InTech to enhance its award-winning STEM offerings and better prepare its students for its early college programs.

“We really see this as a major part of our outreach effort,” Stanger explains. “Too often, students decide in middle school that they can’t do math or science.

“Because of that, some don’t even consider InTech as a high school option, and those that do enroll, may struggle in our STEM and advanced curriculum. We would like to help these students at an earlier point so that they have a solid middle school experience in science and math, rather than to have students need to remediate those skills in high school.”

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