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The Utah STEM Coalition

The Utah STEM Coalition was an initiative that brought together government, educators, and industry to organize raising funds for and supporting increased awareness of the STEM Action Center.  Partners included Comcast, Merit Medical, Nelson Labs, IMFlash, L3, NuSkin, and ATK. They met together regularly to collaborate and discuss how the Center could expand its efforts in Utah STEM education. This involved a STEM Awareness marketing campaign that raised over $1.5 million. The campaign was a partnership with Comcast and numerous private companies to help “change the hearts and minds” of the community. The campaign was launched in January 2014 with a public event at the Neil Armstrong Academy and included the participation of the Governor, many key leaders in the state and community, and approximately 50 students. With the creation of the Utah STEM AC Foundation, the Utah STEM Coalition was officially disbanded.


New Coalition Campaigns

In partnership with Comcast, the STEM AC is preparing to create new coalitions promoting greater awareness of the STEM AC, focusing on engagement with students, teachers, and parents. This program will be called STEM 2.0 and will include kick-offs in both northern and southern Utah.


These campaigns have been put on temporary hold for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic. For more information on these campaigns, contact Tami Goetz at