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Our Projects & Initiatives

About Our Projects
Provide professional learning opportunities in STEM
Bring the latest STEM education learning tools into the classroom
Fund teachers' ideas to implement innovative ideas in the classroom
Support innovative programming to increase STEM awareness and involvement
Broaden access to software that improves student outcomes in math
Guide schools to set long-term goals and expectations in STEM education
Use the STEM Bus to introduce real-world learning experiences
Sponsor events that inspire teachers and Utah’s future STEM leaders

By the Numbers

Micro grant funding

Funding exciting initiatives in STEM education

Pie chart displaying grant monies awarded to various micro grants: $217,741 for competition grants (54%), $70,366 for classroom grants (18%), $64,470 for event sponsorships (16%) and $48,825 for organization grants (12%). The total is $401,402.

Legislative allocations

Our budget for these programs is $10.255 M

Pie chart displaying legislative allocations for various programs: $5,000,000 for Professional Learning (49%), $4,000,000 for Math Personalized Learning Software (39%) and  $1,255,000 for Computing Partnerships (12%). The total is $10,255,000.

Our impact

  • 62

    STEM Bus visits
  • 16

    Event sponsorships
  • $110,239

    Average LEA reciept
  • 207,314

    students using K-12 math technologies
  • 10,800

    students attending STEM Fest
  • 63,320

    students participating in sponsored events

In FY 2019, 204,000+ students were impacted by our programs and events and 278,000+ students were impacted by our event sponsorships.

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Our reach in education is bigger than before.

Recently the STEM Action Center has prioritized expanding education opportunities to classrooms in rural areas. Classroom grants, K-12 Math Personalized Learning Grants and other programs help us tap into rural communities, where high-paying jobs await future STEM employees.

DSC 6308 2

We sponsored more than 16 STEM-related events this year

Our goal is to inspire students and educators to explore the world of STEM. We've partnered with organizations and the private sector to deliver fun and exciting events across the state, from STEM Magic Shows to STEMFest, one of the largest events of the year.

DSC 5079

More than 100 LEAs benefit from our programs.

The average LEA in Utah received $110,239 in grant funding and we've awarded a total of $11,354,617 to LEAs in every corner of Utah, from districts to charter schools. More than 200,000 students are impacted by our organization.

Words from the community

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What's next?

We are committed to expanding our Center's outreach further into the 2019-2020 school year, continuing to foster best practices in STEM education and advancing our programs' reach into the community.