Utah STEM Organization Grant

The STEM Action Center values organizations who are dedicated to STEM education in Utah. The Center offers a competitive grant to support Utah organizations with STEM programs that serve Utah preK-12 students. This funding should serve three purposes: broaden student impact, increase student resources, and encourage student involvement in STEM activities.


Application available fall 2017.


Any Utah organization that is able to provide proof of tax ID (W9) is eligible to apply for this grant.


Grant requests may vary, with a maximum award of $10,000. The funding should be used for materials for students to broaden impact, increase resources and encourage participation in STEM activities. The STEM Action Center reserves the right to award amounts equal to or less than the applicant’s request.

Funding IS NOT available for:

  • Technology or other products used solely by staff
  • Activities that take place outside of Utah
  • Teacher or staff professional development/training
  • Salaries or stipends for educators or staff
  • Food, apparel and lodging
  • Entertainment costs
  • Indirect costs

Organizations requesting funding should support the STEM Action Center’s mission:

  • Produce a STEM-competitive workforce
  • Ensure Utah’s continued economic success in the global marketplace
  • Catalyze student experience, community engagement and industry alignment
  • Identify and implement STEM education best practices that will help to transform STEM education and workforce development

The STEM Action Center will not award funding requests that reflect in a negative manner on the Department, Administration, or State and that do not clearly align with our mission and objectives.

Providing funding implies that the STEM Action Center has alignment with the principles of the entity it plans to support; therefore, this funding opportunity must be consistent with government policies, such as being non-discriminatory, and should provide access for individuals in the community regardless of age, race, religion, disability or sexual preference.

Beginning November 1, 2016, the application can be found HERE.

  • What might a good application include?

A strong application reflects engaging activities that are hands-on, collaborative and relevant. Programs should provide students with age-appropriate real-world problems and solutions using STEM subjects.

A strong application might include the following:

  • Increase dissemination
  • Enhance infrastructure for teaching
  • Promote teaching, training and learning
  • Increase participation of underrepresented students

A strong application will also answer these questions thoughtfully and completely.

  • What does it mean to broaden student impact?

The STEM Action Center wants to encourage organizations to increase the amount of students participating in STEM activities. Your organization can use this funding to offer more events or increase your volunteer base. You may also use a portion of this funding for student scholarships that focus on significant financial need and/or traditionally underrepresented students.

  • What does it mean to increase resources for students?

The STEM Action Center is interested in students using technology or other STEM tools to increase their skills and that engage them in STEM subjects. You can use this funding for tools or materials that are used directly and only by the students. Resources purchased must be clearly aligned with project goals and outcomes.

  • What does it mean to encourage student involvement in STEM activities?

The STEM Action Center seeks to encourage first-time student participation (particularly among traditionally underrepresented students) and to attract the attention of students with a demonstrated interest in STEM fields. This funding can be used to reach such an audience.

If you have any questions about the application process, please email Jackie Moynihan at jmoynihan@utah.gov.

Past Grant Recipients: