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Gold Designation

DaVinci Academy

School Type: Charter
Designation: Gold

Vision Statement:

To create an academic institution where everyone can learn, develop their talents, acquire appropriate social and cognitive skills and master their academic goals.

Mission statement:

DaVinci Academy of Sciences and the Arts is dedicated to developing competent, inventive, ethical, and divergent thinkers who are able to apply their knowledge, skills, leadership, and problem-­solving abilities to become productive citizens of the dynamic world. Please see our web site for more details of our school culture. We offer programs that promote enthusiasm, exploration, and academic excellence in an interdisciplinary curriculum that involves real­ world experience and application. We serve as a laboratory school to examine and develop new methods and materials in curriculum innovation and reform, including, but not limited to, traditional, online, and distance education programs. We serve as a model for private sector and public education partnerships, including mentor and internship opportunities. We implement a curriculum that complies with all state requirements in serving a school population of grades K­12. The Utah State Core Curriculum serves as the foundation of subjects taught and provide a minimum basis for academic requirements. Our comprehensive program of instruction is based on offering a rigorous curriculum of science, technology, engineering, arts, and math.

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