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Gold Designation

Diamond Valley Elementary School

School Type: Public
Designation: Gold

Diamond Valley Elementary is committed to the principles of STEM education. All of our teachers have a shared commitment to help each student succeed and they do this by participating on multiple PLCs within the school. For example, there is a grade level PLC for each grade level. In addition, we have cross-grade level PLC teams where our K-2 teachers meet and our 3-5 teachers meet and they share students during RTI time. Furthermore, our school has an ALP (Advanced/Accelerated Learning Program) and our ALP teachers also have their own PLC team. Through the work of consistent collaboration, the students’ needs are always being addressed. Several of our teachers are currently participating in the STEM Endorsement through Dixie State University. We also have several more teachers on the waitlist to begin the endorsement as well. Our school has strong community partnerships where community businesses/partners come into the school to host a parent night called, “STEM Career Family Night” which is a great opportunity for students to get excited about what the future holds for them in the way of potential careers. It also helps the parents connect to the things that the students are learning at in school.

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