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Bronze Designation

Draper Park Middle School

School Type: Public
Designation: Bronze

We aim to provide an engaging STEM learning experience to every student in our school.  STEM experiences are embedded in the science course curriculum rather than offered as extra-curricular opportunities, making STEM equitable to all students in our school.  Through STEM experiences, we are providing our students with 21st century skills.  Our students inquire, collaborate, and solve problems using the nature of science.  We strive to create a renewed interest in STEM opportunities by relating classroom activities to actual Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math applications in everyday life.  Our curriculum includes using Lego Robots to teach coding and problem solving around robot design challenges, introduction to Forensic Science techniques, including gel electrophoresis, to solve a fictional crime, critically analyzing the benefits, and potential risks of GMO’s in our food supply, and studying climate change by designing windmills and solar panel cars to efficiently use our renewable resources. Our ultimate goal is that our students will leave with imagination and the ability to propose, and find solutions to, problems in the world around them.

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