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Bronze Designation

Eastwood Elementary School

School Type: Public
Designation: Bronze

Eastwood Elementary Eagles S.O.A.R. We are committed to being Safe, Outstanding, Accountable and Respectful. With this as our focus, we strive to find the best in every child, family and staff member and encourage them to use their talents to increase student capacity. We serve a unique population with over 60% of our students choosing to attend Eastwood from outside of our boundaries. We have made great strides in resources dedicated to STEM education. We have higher than a one to one ratio of students to electronic devices including Chromebooks, desktop computers, IPods, and e-readers, Little Bits, and Arduino learning boards. We have altered our learning spaces to include a STEM lab, an Engineering Lab, an Art Lab and two Computer Labs. We have one teacher who focuses on science instruction for all students. This teacher develops hands on learning experiences for students and increases the knowledge base for teachers. Once per year, we have a family STEM night, which includes display of student created science and engineering projects, demonstrations (making ice cream with liquid nitrogen), family math and science games, creating and testing courses for OzBots, a technology museum, and display of items designed by students and created on our 3D printers. While we have made great advancements in our ability to be a STEM school, obtaining the official designation will increase our ability to connect with community partners to provide real world experiences for our students.

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