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Platinum Designation

Foothill Elementary School

School Type: Public
Designation: Platinum

Our vision statement at Foothill Elementary states “Ensuring every student learns deeply through STEAM and 21st Century Learning Skills to prepare students for college, career, and life. As we purposefully implement 21 st Century Learning Skills and integrate STEAM into each of our classrooms we are teaching the whole child and are helping students learn. Our greatest desire is that our students will know how to think deeply so they can be creative problem solvers and have the skills and abilities to contribute to the world. Our faculty works interdependently in a professional learning community and we value the collaborative process deeply. We are continually learning, growing, and improving through professional development.

We believe that STEAM is not a special program or club, rather, it is instruction and pedagogy for all students in all of our classrooms (K-6). STEM is not one more thing that we have to do, but is a purposeful, meaningful integration of each content area to provide richer, deeper learning for all of our students. As educators, we know we need to build our own capacity in the STEM subjects and how best to teach them and are committed to continually learning in these areas. We know that success in STEAM will not only benefit our students personally, but also the community. Therefore, it is imperative that we form partnerships with universities, businesses, and other educators to work together in improving our communities, society, and our way of life.

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