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Silver Designation

Green Acres Elementary School

School Type: Public
Designation: Silver

The Green Acres mission is to “educate children to be productive, healthy, responsible citizens who enjoy learning and life.” Our STEM emphasis is intended to provide engaging instruction and experiences to meet student learning objectives in the Utah State Common Core Standards, develop STEM literacy- meaning our students will understand each of the STEM disciplines and its role in modern society, our students will view themselves as capable of learning and doing Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. They will also have the necessary 21st-century skills to be successful learners Kindergarten through 12th grade. They will have the confidence, capability, and desire to complete post-high school college or vocational training and secure meaningful career opportunities. Our STEM emphasis is a bridge between current science standards, engineering concepts, and current research in anticipation of changes to Utah state science standards. As Green Acres educators we will participate in professional development to continually improve our instructional practices, knowledge base and confidence to learn along with our students. We will work collaboratively to ensure each student’s success and our school’s success.

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