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Gold Designation

Hurricane Elementary School

School Type: Public
Designation: Gold

Hurricane Elementary’s goal is to develop proficiency and excitement for STEM education in each student. As students experiment, program, build, and solve problems, they learn and apply STEM skills, which help them achieve excellence in every other discipline. Every student attends a weekly hands-on STEM Class, with Dr. Tauiliili, to follow-up the STEM learning from their traditional class. STEM education ignites a spark for us to learn and grow.

Students at Hurricane Elementary are excited about the future and want to make a difference.

Our students participate in robotics clubs, Science Olympiad, or other science, technology, and engineering related extracurricular activities.

We are a Title I school and over 70% of our students live below the poverty line. We believe that it is important for our students to have an education that focuses on STEM so they will have the tools that they need to love school, improve academic achievement, and succeed in the job market of the future. Our students learn how to learn, have the confidence to build and explore, and feel comfortable with core math and science vocabulary and concepts.

STEM education encourages Hurricane Elementary teachers to improve what we do. We attend weekly staff development training to improve student engagement, teach the standards, and provide student-centered learning. We continually planning Student Learning Objectives that meet the Science, Math, and Language Arts standards and allow students to direct and be accountable for their learning. We take STEM learning seriously and our teachers and staff are always growing to meet the needs of our students.

STEM Education involves our parents and community members. Our community is excited about STEM classes and after-school programs which results in them taking an active role in promoting STEM education.

STEM education provides a structure for our administration to focus funds and efforts in education. Each year, as we budget and plan for the future, our administration works to make sure that STEM education is a high priority.

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