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Bronze Designation

Itineris Early College High School

School Type: Charter
Designation: Bronze

As an early college high school with an emphasis in math and science, particularly biotechnology, our curriculum is already STEM oriented. Itineris has already implemented several successful programs to assist students in the transition from high school to higher education as evidenced by our college readiness as indicated by standardized tests and by our graduation rates both in high school and from Salt Lake Community College will the concurrent enrollment courses that we offer. We also have many students going into STEM fields of study. The school is poised to supplement our current instruction with initiatives that will widen the STEM focus to be more systemic within the entire curriculum. Increased ties to STEM fields in all subjects will give students are better knowledge of opportunities available to them given each students unique interests and talents.

With SLCC as our education partner, we have fostered strong relationships with math and science departments. We offer concurrent enrollment courses both on our campus and on the college campus. We administer our courses to mirror those being offered at the college to provide a seamless college experience, especially in our math and science fields. In addition, students have the opportunity to access a SLCC/community partnership, InnovaBio, once they have completed an introduction to biotechnology concurrent enrollment course. InnovaBio is a partnership between local biotechnology companies and SLCC educators to provide students hands-on internship experience in the biotechnology field.

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