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Silver Designation

Sunrise Ridge Intermediate School

School Type: Public
Designation: Silver

Our vision for Sunrise Ridge Intermediate School is to implement STEM learning activities that 1) engage students in learning, 2) encourage students to explore how STEM can help them in their everyday lives and their careers, 3) provide opportunities for students to use these skills to connect with and contribute to their communities and the world. Along with our STEM program, we recognize the importance of students developing literacy in Language Arts. We understand how the creative process and self-discipline acquired in Arts programs can enhance STEM programs. Our College and Career Awareness programs align with the activities in STEM, and we emphasize the importance of physical fitness and health in all aspects of life. In summary, we are focused on developing the “whole child” and see the implementation of STEM as essential in ensuring high levels of learning for every student and preparing them to have rich and rewarding lives in the 21st Century.

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