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Silver Designation

Utah Virtual Academy

School Type: Charter
Designation: Silver

Our STEM vision here at Utah Virtual Academy is to broaden the teacher approach to STEM subjects from kindergarten through high school graduation. In addition to highlighting for students how STEM subjects permeate our daily lives, our teachers work with each other to show that STEM is present in all areas of education at our school. We foster a diverse community of students and parents who participate in monthly in-person STEM centered activities like engineering design challenges and field trips. Students also attend virtual STEM clubs run by teachers. In addition, starting this academic year our school is hosting a CTE/career academy program that will give high school students an option for practical application of the STEM skills learned earlier in their education. Our goal is to educate well rounded students who will graduate with a greater appreciation for STEM regardless of whether or not they choose to pursue a STEM-related career.

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