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Girls & Women in STEM

Find out about women in STEM and what opportunities there are for women in STEM.

Careers in STEM

This website gives a snapshot of STEM employment, educational paths to a job in STEM, career paths for STEM and more.


Opportunities for Women and Minorities

Scholarship opportunities and more can be found at this website.



Explore STEM careers by discipline.


STEM Career

Are you interested in anything to do with science, technology, engineering, or mathematics? Start here, where there are a ton of great resources for you from everything from figuring out what to do with your life, to getting scholarships to pay to make your dreams come true in college.


STEM Study

Florida Polytechnic University launched, as a handy, easy-to-use resource for high school students and their parents who are considering a STEM-focused college degree program. The site contains information and tools about the college preparation and application process, including a financial aid calculator, STEM careers glossary and an application checklist with tips to consider through all four years of high school.