We are partnering with Girls Who Code to bring free computer science opportunities to elementary, middle, and high school girls across our community and would love for your school to host a Club. Girls Who Code Clubs are free after-school programs for 3-5th and 6-12th grade girls to join our sisterhood of supportive peers and role models using computer science to change the world.

Clubs are led by Facilitators, who can be teachers, computer scientists, librarians, parents, or volunteers from any background or field. Many Facilitators have no technical experience and learn to code alongside their Club members. Here’s an overview of the Clubs curriculum and a sample Club session for reference.

Entrepreneurial Challenge

The Utah STEM Entrepreneurial Challenge is an annual challenge benefitting Girls Who Code (GWC) clubs in Utah. This is a great opportunity for GWC clubs to be awarded grants toward STEM scholarships, equipment, and programs in associated schools. It also is an opportunity to highlight the efforts of individuals and clubs, expand Girls Who Code clubs statewide, and incentivize girls to continue on in STEM subjects. This challenge is available to all individuals and clubs involved in the Girls Who Code program.  Projects don’t have to be completed to enter!

Club Details

To start a Club, you need:

  • Computers and the internet for each Club member if possible. Sorry, tablets and phones are not allowed!
  • Space to host the Club, such as a classroom or computer lab.
  • An adult facilitator who will be responsible for leading the Club through the Girls Who Code curriculum for 1-2 hours each week and communicating with Girls Who Code.
  • Create your own Girls Who Code account.

All materials from Girls Who Code are provided for FREE to the Club Facilitator, including:

  • 120+ hours of curriculum, activity sets, and an online learning management system
  • Recruitment materials, including student and volunteer flyers
  • Program management support, including Facilitator trainings, resources, and real-time support
  • $300 Clubs Fund for snacks, books, t-shirts, or anything that promotes a FUN learning environment


  • 185,000 girls served to date – 50% are from historically underrepresented groups
  • College-aged alumni are majoring in Computer Science and related fields 15x-16x the national average
  • Clubs in all 50 states
  • 75% of our Clubs girls report being more likely to take a computer science class after participating in a Club
  • 65% of Clubs girls said they were more likely to major or minor in computer science in college because of Girls Who Code.
  • 65% of Clubs girls say they are more likely to pursue a career in technology because of Girls Who Code.

Additional Information & Links

Questions? Please reach out to Amanda Souza at amanda.souza@girlswhocode.com or Lynn Purdin at lpurdin@utah.gov

*Please note that Utah Stem Action Center is listed in the Clubs application under the “Find out if your host site’s network is already an affiliated partner of Girls Who Code! Search and enter your host site’s network name or school district here” field. Please make sure to indicate your affiliation to Utah Stem Action Center when you apply to launch a Club so that your Club can receive the additional benefits/support of our partnership. After your application has been approved, you will gain access to everything you need to get started!