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Weekly STEM Challenges

Every Wednesday, Julienne Bailey of our STEM in Motion team will post a new STEM challenge for you to complete, ranging in topic from engineering to coding challenges. You can do them alone, with a friend, with family, or in a classroom. You may submit a video of your work, and each week we will post the best of the videos we receive each week on our channel.

Challenge #1 - Code a Story

Use your coding skills to tell us a story!
Here we tell the story of the Three Little Pigs using Scratch…
Check out this cool Scratch story our team made!

The Final Frontier!

Challenge #2 - Engineer a Pair of Speakers

Engineer a Pair of Speakers
Here’s how it works!

Challenge #3 - Experimenting with Cookies

Experimenting with Cookies

Challenge #4 - Tesselations


Challenge #5 - Home Energy Use

Home Energy Use

Challenge #6 - Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!

Challenge #7 - Gaming Challenge with Utah Jazz



Challenge #8 - Create Your Own Sudoku Puzzles

Creating a Sudoku Puzzle

Community Challenge - Jazz Gaming

Challenge #9 - Tools & Technology

Be sure to check-in each Wednesday to see our fun new challenges!