Tech Companies Work to Solve Employee Shortage

2KUTV – It’s no secret that there is a shortage of tech workers across the country. Many tech companies are investing in education, so that they can grow the workforce they need and that includes companies right here in Utah.

At Dell EMC in Draper, middle school teachers are the students. The STEM Action Center,, and Dell EMC are hosting a week-long workshop for teachers. The teachers are learning different ways to teach computer science, web development, and animation creation.

“Industry and education do go hand-in-hand because if you want a quality workforce you have to start at the bottom and build up,” said Darcie Mayne with Dell EMC.

Mayne says Dell EMC in Draper always has open positions. Her company isn’t alone, tech companies across the state are hiring.

“Education as we know, sometimes the teachers are underpaid and the system is underfunded. If we want success they’re going to need support from industry,” said Mayne

Dell EMC hopes by investing in teachers it will help build the workforce they need now and in the future.

“We’re sad when we have to hire outside of the state. We want homegrown kids here in Utah. We want them to grow up learning and loving STEM, girls, and boys,” said Mayne

There are currently 60 open positions at Dell EMC. They’re looking to hire those with experience or a degree in computer science, information systems, and computer engineering.

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Draper Dell EMC Building used for workshop | Wikimedia