Tech-Moms is a nonprofit organization that helps people transition into technology careers and find more successful employment.

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About Tech-Moms

  • Each class is led by an expert Technical Trainer. This trainer teaches the coding curriculum (HTML, CSS, and intro to JavaScript)
  • Guest Speakers provide students with an understanding of what a day-in-the-life looks like for each role, what skills are required to be successful, and what the pathways are to gaining those skills and getting the job
  • Tech-Moms offers additional resources such as on-going coaching, supplemental classes, events, social media groups, and more

Tech-Moms recognizes the additional challenges for women of color. Tech-Moms is targeting a fund raise of $75k by 2023 to initiate a dedicated Tech-Moms in Color program that will expand their women of color impact and broaden opportunity in technology roles. 


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