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Utah STEM Fest

Students will enjoy memorable hands-on STEM experiences at STEM Fest. Over 200 exhibitors will be ready to showcase real-life applications related to STEM-based careers. Register your school for students grades 6-10. Encourage younger students to participate in STEM Fest’s free Family Night.

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STEM Best Practices Conference

Learn from STEM experts and leaders in the K-12 community, get inspiration from successful past projects, and discuss the importance of engaging underrepresented groups in STEM fields.

Learn more about the STEM Best Practices Conference

K-12 Math Personalized Learning Program

This program provides supplemental learning materials that help students build confidence in math. Software gives students and teachers real-time feedback to their work on math problems. Year after year, students who use personalized learning software are more successful on state assessments.

Learn more about the K–12 Math Personalized Learning program

STEM Mentor Exchange

Meet connected professionals who care about the next generation of the STEM workforce. Mentees benefit from subject and project support, industry tours, guest lectures, and work-based learning opportunities.

Learn more about the STEM Mentor Exchange Partnership with Utah

Prepare yourself to teach computer science courses next year. STEM Action Center partnered with to offer summer and school-year workshops in teaching computer science for grades 6-12. Help students see that coding is for anyone! No previous experience is required.

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