Programs & Events

In keeping with our mission as Utah’s leader in promoting STEM through best practices in education, we offer a broad portfolio of programs in partnership with public education and private industry. These programs include STEM Fest and the STEM Best Practices conference, STEM school designations, and our STEM in Motion curriculum kits. We also facilitate volunteer opportunities. For more information about these initiatives, check out our programs below.

Programs & Events

Innovation Incubator Grants

Our grants help Utah educators make the most of learning opportunities and give STEM students valuable learning tools and otherwise unavailable resources. These grants provide funds to enhance everyday learning, assist students in extracurricular STEM competitions, and support access to hands-on STEM experiences and activities. Read the stories and get the facts behind all our key grant programs:

PreK-12 Classroom Grant

STEM Competition Grant

Computing Partnerships Grant

Professional Learning Grant


K-12 Math Personalized Learning Program Grant

This program provides supplemental learning materials that help students build confidence in math. The software gives students and teachers real-time feedback to their work on math problems. Year after year, students who use personalized learning software are more successful on state assessments.

K–12 Math Personalized Learning Program Grant



STEM Best Practices Conference

Our STEM Best Practices Conference allows space for teachers to engage in collaborative reflection of teaching approaches. These periods of evaluation are crucial to helping educators strengthen their teaching skills and focus on best practices. Learn from STEM experts and leaders in the K-12 community, get inspiration from successful past projects, and discuss the importance of engaging underrepresented groups in STEM fields.

Learn more about STEM Best Practices Conference


Utah STEM Fest

Students will enjoy memorable hands-on STEM experiences at STEM Fest. Over 60 exhibitors showcase real-life applications related to STEM-based careers. Register your school for students grades 4-10. Younger students are invited to participate in STEM Fest’s free Family Night.

Learn more about Utah STEM Fest


STEM in Motion Curriculum Kits

The STEM in Motion team travels to schools across the state to provide curriculum kits with hands-on, project-based learning for children K-8th grade. The STEM in Motion program aims to generate enthusiasm for STEM careers and supports the Governor’s initiative for a STEM-competitive workforce. Each school year STEM in Motion visits over 70 schools across Utah.

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STEM School Designations

The STEM School Designation program provides a structured framework for schools to self-evaluate and craft long-term goals to bring real-world STEM applications into classrooms. The designation process helps teachers and communities set greater intentions for STEM education. Our thorough review process has awarded dozens of schools at various designation levels, setting them on a strong path forward to improvement.

Learn more about STEM School Designations


Resource Library

The Resource Library is a collaboration between the STEM AC and educators of Utah, housing educator-submitted lesson plans on a variety of STEM topics. Educators can take advantage of each other’s successes and implement fun and creative teaching methods.

Check out our Resource Library



Our volunteer program establishes relationships for STEM enthusiasts to share their talents with the next generation. These experiences pave the way for positive associations with STEM career paths and educational pursuits.

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Utah STEM ACtivist Program

We’re looking for high school and college students, recent graduates, and industry professionals who have a passion for STEM and would like to share that passion with Utah. They work with us to help plan and execute STEM-related events, inform educators of STEM opportunities, and teach hands-on STEM lessons in classrooms.

Learn more about the Utah STEM ACtivists


STEM on Stage Assembly 

"STEM on Stage" features Paul Brewer, who uses his engaging personality and mind-boggling talents to inspire students to delve into Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. This entertaining, 45-minute assembly includes magic, comedy, prizes, and a classroom companion lesson plan for the teachers. The entire school participates verbally in the show, with about10 students being invited to assist in the action on stage. All students receive a mathematical magic trick to take home and introduce the concepts they learned to their families.

The assembly was written by Paul Brewer and Brooklyn Tanner, a duo with 45 years of collective experience entertaining children around the world. The show has been performed over two hundred times, for audiences large and small, with an electric dynamic that keeps the kids laughing from start to finish. Paul’s baffling magic and witty humor make it feel like the party of the year, while his clear and thorough teaching skills leave the students fired up about STEM.

STEM on Stage is available as a live assembly for 60 schools for FREE. Priority will be given to schools that have not had an assembly in previous years. Sign-ups are open now and are available at, or by email:

The show is flexible to the needs of your school: it can be performed with the whole school, or just a couple of classes while it is live-streamed to the remaining classrooms. For waitlisted schools or those who prefer it, a virtual version is also available on video.

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