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The STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Action Center prioritizes STEM education to develop Utah’s workforce of the future. Our programs drive research and implementation of STEM education best practices statewide by coordinating STEM-related activities, creating and supporting STEM education, facilitating educator access to education tools, and aligning public STEM education with higher-education STEM activities.

The STEM Action Center Board uses legislative funding to oversee projects that support public education, the Utah State Office of Education and higher education partners. These programs address issues of student and professional outreach, recruitment, retention and achievement. Our mission is to foster the state’s economic prosperity by preparing the workforce to take on meaningful and gainful STEM careers.

Our Goals

  • Prepare the future workforce by empowering educators with best practices and tools; coordinate STEM activities on all academic levels

  • Sustain a highly competitive workforce by meeting industry needs as well as technological innovation

  • Create economic opportunities for all Utahns through infrastructure and innovation

Our Impact

Our Programs

550,000+ students have been impacted by STEM-sponsored events and programs

Pie chart displaying the number of students engaged in STEM-sponsored events: 278,000 students were impacted by event sponsorships (50%); 134,616 students were impacted by math personalized learning software grants (24%); 80,000 students were impacted by organization grants (14%) and 64,147 students were impacted by other programs (12%).

Our reach across Utah

602 schools engaged in Utah STEM programming

Pie chart displaying the number of schools participating in STEM programming: 434 urban schools (72%) and 168 rural schools (28%). The total is 602 schools.
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We offer a broad portfolio of projects and initiatives in partnership with the Utah State Office of Education department and the Utah System of Higher Education and Industry, from grants to certifications to educational approach.

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Our Impact

Get the facts and stories behind STEM's impact on education and industry in Utah. Read our annual reports, our strategic plan, LEA-based reports and more.

STEM Creates a Bright Future for Utah

growth in postings for emerging tech jobs
$2.5 million
tuition reimbursement plan for in-state Utah graduates
of Utah’s $150 billion economic activity is in STEM
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Our Mission

Produce a STEM-competitive workforce to ensure Utah’s continued economic success in the global marketplace. Catalyze student experience, community engagement and industry alignment by identifying and implementing the public- and higher-education best practices that will transform workforce development.

Our Vision

The STEM Action Center is Utah’s leader in promoting science, technology, engineering and math through best practices in education to ensure connection with industry and Utah’s long-term economic prosperity.