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Still Making History

We’re proud to say we’ve accomplished a lot since we were established in 2013. You can read about some of our greatest accomplishments and milestones below, or contact us to find out how we can collaborate on exciting future milestones.




STEM Action Center created
In affiliation with the Utah State Office of Education, the legislature created the STEM Action Center to develop Utah’s STEM workforce of the future. Since our outset, our outreach has impacted over 550,000 STEM students.

Our legislative charge


July 2013

Initial pilot for K-12 Personalized Math Learning Grant
We’ve made personalized math learning software available to thousands of Utah students. Over time we’ve seen this program has consistently improved students’ growth and proficiency in mathematics. The STEM Action Center works to ensure that this program continues to be effective and shows promising results.

Personalized Math Learning program


April 2014

STEM Action Center Amended

HB150 was passed during the Utah legislative session to amend provisions relating to the center. Read the text of the bill


August 2014

Micro-grants open
Micro-grants of varying types became available to fund the STEM Action Center’s efforts. Sponsorships and classroom, competition and organization grants continue to support tens of thousands of students yearly.

Innovation Incubator grant program!



STEM Fest begins
The STEM Fest is an annual convention with over 200 exhibitors showcasing real-life STEM experiences. Students enjoy memorable activities and get early exposure to STEM careers. Over 83,000 students have been impacted by this event to date.



March 2015

Elementary STEM Endorsement first cohort begins
This endorsement was created in partnership with institutes of higher education, district leaders, and classroom teachers to develop a stronger knowledge of STEM subjects for Utah teachers grades K-6. The Utah State Board of Education partners with the STEM Action Center on this project. STEM Elementary Endorsement


October 2015

Professional Learning Grants awarded
The Professional Learning program was launched to prepare K-12 teachers to teach STEM subjects. Its efforts focus on locally identified needs for building teacher leadership capacity and supporting ongoing learning opportunities. Check out our Professional Learning Innovation Incubator grant



STEM Organization Grants created

The STEM Organization Grant funds individual students’ efforts to engage in extracurricular STEM-related activities, such as fairs, camps, clubs, competitions and projects. This program has generated partnerships and organizations between students, the STEM Action Center and Utah’s STEM community.

  • FY18: 80,000 kids impacted
  • FY17: 65,000 kids impacted
  • FY16: 4,500 kids impacted
  • Total: 149,500

STEM Organization Innovation Incubator grant


May 2016

STEM Foundation created
Under the direction of the Utah State Legislature, the STEM Foundation was created to enhance the efforts of the STEM Action Center. The Foundation’s funding priorities include Utah STEM Bus visits, school assemblies, and the annual STEM Fest convention. STEM Foundation


September 2016

STEM Magic Show launched
The STEM Action Center began offering free STEM school assemblies to engage students and teachers. We also provide related lesson plans and follow-up resources that educators can use in their classrooms.

STEM Elementary Magic Shows


December 2016

Utah STEM Bus program makes first visit
The Utah STEM Bus travels to schools and other organizations across the state to provide hands-on, project-based learning for children K-8th grade. The STEM Bus aims to generate enthusiasm for STEM careers and supports the governor’s initiative for a STEM-competitive workforce. We’re now able to visit over 70 schools per school year.

STEM in Motion (STEM Bus)


May 2017

STEM Foundation receives IRS letter of determination
The Utah STEM Foundation is recognized as a non-profit organization. Its efforts continue to provide STEM resources to the state of Utah.


July 2017

CS4Utah Grants and Computing Partnership Grants awarded
These grants were created to provide equal opportunities in CS/IT for underrepresented groups. Students grades K–16 have benefitted from broader access to CS/IT courses and principles.

Computing Partnership Innovatio Incubator grant


November 2017

STEM AC joins the Intermountain STEM coalition to broaden participation in STEM

The Utah STEM Coalition was an initiative that brought together government, educators, and industry to organize raising funds for and supporting increased awareness of the STEM Action Center.  Partners included Comcast, Merit Medical, Nelson Labs, IMFlash, and ATK.

Our STEM Awareness Campaign


April 2018

NSF Grant awarded
The National Science Foundation provided nearly $800,000 for the STEM Action Center to study perceptions and behavior toward STEM careers and technical education career pathways. The study will result in a forthcoming social media and communication strategy.


October 2018

Boeing Grant awarded
Boeing funded a $75,000 STEM Action Center study called the STEM Landscape Analysis. The study will look at longitudinal data to determine the success of STEM efforts and support mid- and long-term strategy.

Read the announcement here.