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We’re your resource for bringing STEM education to life. Our aim is always to help you inspire learners and facilitate exploration. Find here the tools and resources that will set your classroom apart. Gain access to advanced technologies that will keep your curriculum current in ever-adapting fields. Utilize lesson plans, funding, and other support to create meaningful in- and out-of-classroom learning experiences. Attend educator events to collaborate with others, share successes, and give feedback. Take advantage of the STEM in Motion program to create an unforgettable encounter with STEM technologies. Browse these resources and learn how to best serve your students’ learning potential.

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Innovation Incubator Grants

Funds support broadened access to and involvement in innovative STEM education. Browse our available grants and apply.


STEM in Motion

We’re bringing the classroom to every corner of Utah. Learn about how you can bring STEM in Motion to your classroom!

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Lesson Library

Discover complete lesson plans with vivid demonstrations and memorable activities. Submit your own lessons to share what’s worked.

Featured Grants

PreK–12 Classroom Grants

Grant Description The PreK-12 Classroom grant expands opportunities for idea-sharing and innovation. Utah educators and administrators at Utah public schools can implement innovative new approaches…

Applications due September 30, 2021

Professional Learning Grant

Grant Description This program focuses on locally-identified needs associated with STEM learning for K-12 teachers. These efforts connect thousands of teachers to opportunities to create…

Applications due April 16, 2021

Computing Partnership Grant

Grant Description The Computing Partnerships grant helps identify gaps in and provide solutions for computing opportunities for students and teachers in Utah. This grant is…

Applications due January 30, 2020

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