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The Utah Leader of Innovative STEM Education


The Utah STEM Action Center is committed to its mission as “Utah’s leader in promoting science, technology, engineering, and math through best practices in education to ensure connection with industry and Utah’s long-term economic prosperity.” Since our inception, we have expanded access to new STEM curriculum, training, and resources across the state. Check out our annual reports, infographics, evaluations, and strategic plans to see how our vision translates to action.

The STEM Action Center – 2020

Take a look at the STEM Action Center’s evaluations, impact, and programs by-the-numbers for 2020:

Annual Report:

Annual Report 2020

Annual Report

2020 Infographics:

Infographic Promo


STEM Action Center FY2019 Evaluation Report



Three-year Strategic Plan
Our strategic plan ensures all STEM Action Center activity aligns with the goal of keeping Utah STEM-competitive. We’re addressing industry’s need for STEM talent head-on.
Check out our Three-year Strategic Plan (2017)



Additional Impact

We strive to consider the diverse needs of all of Utah’s local students and educators. To that end, we have detailed our partnerships with local education agencies (LEA) and highlighted stories of standout STEM innovators shaking up Utah STEM education. We have also created a resource page with the aim of advancing diversity and equity in STEM fields. Check out our annual state impact report, our LEA reports for our specific impact around the state, our STEM Spotlights, and our Diversity & Equity in STEM page to learn more about the future of Utah STEM.

Utah STEM State & LEA Reports

STEM Spotlight Stories

Diversity & Equity in STEM


Annual Reports Archive

The STEM Action Center’s projects are still hard at work! Check out our internal program reports, as well as formal program evaluations performed through local research partnerships.

2019 Annual Report

Annual Report 2019

2019 Infographics:

Executive Summary

Innovation Incubators Grants

Math Learning

Professional Learning

Computing Partnership

STEM in Motion

STEM Foundation


2018 Annual Report

STEM Action Center 2018 Evaluation Report


2017 Annual Report

STEM Action Center FY2017 Evaluation Report


2016 Annual Report

STEM Action Center FY2016 Evaluation Report