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Fun and challenging STEM activities to do in your home with friends and family.

STEM in the Home

How STEM Impacts...

We’re at the forefront of STEM education in rural and urban communities

  • Helping students prepare for college and careers in STEM fields
  • Putting technology in the hands of students
  • Developing lesson plans and materials for educators
  • Fostering mentorships between students and STEM professionals
  • 18,553

    high school grads report an interest in STEM

  • 48

    STEM School Designation Awardees

We’re meeting future job demands in rural and urban communities

  • Providing job training to meet 15% growth over the next 10 years
  • Partnering with leaders of the STEM industry in Utah for sponsorships
  • Closing gender and racial gaps in STEM employment and compensation
  • 4.9%

    technology job growth (2018)

  • 75%

    of STEM jobs in Utah are in computer, IT, & technology (2018)

We're contributing to the state’s economic prosperity

  • Making Utah an attractive state for business and industry
  • Helping Utah meet future energy needs
  • Fostering economic growth in rural communities
  • 33%

    10-year increase in demand for STEM jobs; national average is 17% (2018)

  • 212500

    technology jobs in Utah (2018)

STEM Fest is under construction

Due to ongoing safety concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic and changes to Fall 2020 school schedules, STEM Fest will not be taking place as an in-person event this year. However, our team is committed to ensuring Utah students have access to quality STEM experiences and is currently working on plans to bring STEM Fest 2020 to your classroom or home.

Learn more about STEM Fest