Meet some of Utah’s makers! From medical devices to 3D printing, these makers prove that with determination, practice, and a passion for their work, anything is possible.

Featured UTah Makers

Stroke Recovery device (ReSense) 

JessICA Nichols

Welding and Art

Fred Conlon

Paper Creations 

Radhiha Shankar

Innovation in 3D Printing

Spencer Loveless & Wesley murry

Flute Making 

Robb "Little Owl" Martin

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utah tech


I like to make 3D printed designs. I am a maker because I document my progress, I learn by making, and I keep trying even when I hit a roadblock!

I think that maker education is important because you learn life-long valuable skills as you create something unique!


utah tech


I enjoy making gifts for others out of my own creations, meaning that sometimes, it will be a cute box or it could be something extravagant like a dragon. I am a maker because I enjoy the challenge of starting with a project and failing until I get to something that I can consider what I want to do and like.

I believe that maker education is important due to the process of being able to think like a maker. Knowing that it is much better to "try and do something and fail miserably" rather than to do nothing at all. It gives students the ability to think of problems and solutions for themselves and maker education is the perfect venue for those skills to be honed.


make salt lake

elijah hansen

I am a maker because I want to get so technically capable there's nothing I can't build. My biggest inspiration is probably JLaserVideo and Iron Man (like any good engineer). I think makerspaces are the beating heart of any community from communal kitchens to woodshops since they're a boundless source of knowledge and collaboration.

I want people to take away from my work that anyone can change the world if they throw themselves at it for long enough. I have a video saved to my phone from june 2022 of the first time I turned on an LED with a button, and I just kept throwing myself at bigger and more ambitious projects until I came out the other side with a graduate-level robot.


make salt lake

beth sallay

I am a Maker because I love to come up with crazy ideas and then make them work; I either watched too much MacGyver as a kid or just the right amount. I also like to learn as much as possible and then and then spread STEM/STEAM at the Utah Arts Festival to kids every year.

My biggest inspiration is other Makers, I love seeing what other people create. I love the ideas and stories.

Makerspaces are the local opportunity to bring manufacturing back into the United States. You can develop ideas into something sustainable enough for the next steps. Make Salt Lake has a lot to offer in order to test and prototype products through the different shops. There have already been several successful companies started through the Makerspace that have graduated by outgrowing and moving onto their own locations.



donald pipkin

I am a Maker because I like to see my ideas come to life. 


club ability

juancarlos hernandez

Committed and passionate about science and technology, he has been a student at Club Ability since 2020 where he discovered his passion for technology. Furthermore, he showcased his creativity in our 3D Design and Scratch courses. 

He also participated in the USEF Utah Science Engineering Fair and we are very proud to see him demonstrate his skills.


Club ability

veronica martinez 

Veronica has been a student at Club Ability since 2023 where she discovered her passion for technology.  She showcased her creativity in our engineering courses: Advanced 3D Design and Minecraft, as well as in our programming courses: Make Code Arcade and Python.

    We hope you've been inspired by the stories of ingenuity and creativity that have shaped the Beehive State. As you continue your journey of discovery, we encourage you to delve even deeper into the rich tapestry of innovation that Utah has to offer. From the pioneers of the past to the visionaries of the future, there's always more to uncover and celebrate. Utah's history of innovation is an ongoing story, and we're excited to see how you'll contribute to it in your own way.

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